Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maya Angelou's Latest Book

Maya Angelou tells the makings of her latest book titled, "Letter To My Daughter".

If there is one thing women should do for their daughters, it is praise them and tell them that they are somebody special, says the celebrated author, singer and poet Maya Angelou.

"You tell them they're pretty," Angelou says. "You tell them they're beautiful. You tell them that their hair is nice. Make over her because, know this, in the street there is somebody who's going to do that, and not to her benefit.
"Let her know that 'my mother thinks I'm the big cheese,' so that inside themselves they are secure that they are worthy to be treated well."
That's a lesson Angelou learned from her mother, and it's one described in her latest book, "Letter to My Daughter" (Random House, $25).
It will be among the topics Angelou discusses when she visits the Max M. Fisher Music Center in Detroit on March 18 in an event presented by African American Family Magazine and Ford Motor Co. MORE


Anonymous said...

I loved the piece on Maya's new book, I plan on purchasing it.
Also, the website looks nice, cannot wait to see more content.
Keep the info coming!
It's great to have a place that will review my work for me and I know it will be given your utmost attention.
My friend recieved his review from you and used the information you gave him to make his book a better read.
Thanks for creating this blog, I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

I too love the look of your website. I recently finished a book I have been working on for what seems like years. I look forward to having you review my book.

I sense your love and creativity for the written word. I am curious...are you a writer as well?