Monday, March 2, 2009

Created Out Of Necessity

Having always had an affection for the marvelous works of African American Authors, it stands to reason that I would become the creator of The African American Book Review.
It's origin came not out of desire, but rather out of necessity.
While searching the Internet for information about African American Books, Authors, Writers, Readers, and Reviewers, I found myself becoming frustrated at the lack of information available. No one asked the questions that I wanted answered, nor wrote the Book Reviews with attention to detail that I craved.

And that's when it occurred to me:

The African American Book Review should be a Book Reviewing Website that offers in depth African American Book Reviews by the people who know the stories behind the books, because they live them, write them, read them and most of all they love them.
They are the African American Authors, Writers, Readers and Reviewers.
And the idea is only weeks away from becoming a website that has a dedication of being to the African American Author, Writer, Reader and Reviewer, as without them there would be no need for The African American Book Review.

If you would like to have your book placed into the hands of our qualified and eagerly waiting reviewing team for an in depth Book Review, contact us at