Sunday, March 22, 2009

Book News

Black Soliders Of New York State

Cayuga Community College professor Anthony F. Gero has written "Black Soldiers of New York State" (State University of New York Press, $14.95 paperback). A nonfiction book, "Black Soldiers" describes the two centuries of struggle African-American soldiers went through, from the French and Indian War to 1950s. The book also includes sketches and illustrations that give readers a visual look at the soldiers. More

Best African American Fiction from Gerald Early joins the parade of 'Best Of's

While the phrase “post-racial society” is batted back and forth like a tennis ball on the cable news networks, this is the year that Bantam Books chose to launch a new annual series, “Best African American Fiction.”More

'The Breakthrough' focuses on rising African American politicians and their advocates

Inauguration Day and Black History Month have come and gone, leaving behind numerous new books about the "Age" of Barack Obama.
I like Gwen Ifill's book best of those I've read because, for one thing, she focuses on some new black politicians that you probably have never heard of but will in the years to come. She also rounds up some of those in the past who "spoke for" African Americans.

Photos Explore African-American Culture Of Faith
If Leroy Evans doesn't go to church, he feels lost.
"It's a part of me," said the trustee of Mount Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church in Annapolis, where he's been going for decades. "It's about everything. I came in young, I've really enjoyed being here, and I ain't going anywhere else."
Evans is far from the only one who feels this way, and Mount Olive is certainly not the only church that evokes this kind of devotion from its members. Evidence of this can be found not only during Sunday services, but at the Banneker-Douglass Museum.