Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome To The African American Book Review

Welcome to The African American Book Review! We are looking forward to reviewing the best African American Books, Black Books, Urban Books, and Books written about African Americans.

Our mission is to promote the positive works of the African American Book community by showcasing the many African American Books that are written as well as giving Readers the opportunity to learn more about the African American Authors, Writers, Readers,and Reviewers of African American Books.

The African American Book Review has several avenues of promoting African American Books. To do so we have a Book Club, a Group on Yahoo which features over 270 Members. You may join our Book Club by going to

We offer Newsletters to announce new books, Book Reviews and feature African American Authors. In addition, we are in the early stages of developing our upcoming website, The African American Book Review and hope to soon announce it's launch where additional features will be added

If you are an Author, Publisher, or Writer of African American Books and would like to have your book or work featured in our Newsletter, Blog, and upcoming Website, contact us at and we will give you the details.

The adorable Artwork was graciously donated by Mr. Lashun Beal of Lashun Beal Fine Arts and can be purchased at

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